Official Videoclip "DIABLERIE"


"Diablerie" is taken from ERELEY's album "Diablerie" - out on January 24, 2020 via Massacre Records - get it here »


Band has shooted second video for upcoming album.

We had an awesome team of people in magical woods around St. Blazej church near by Touzim.
Also mr. Murphy and his laws touched us during shooting so there were crazy temperatures during the day and once night started came a load of rain.
You can check what was happening in a few photos we took.

Big up to everyone who was there with us.
Clear message from MASSACRE Records camp: release date for CD Diablerie - 23.8.2019
Before release itself we will unleash 2 videoclips.
Stay with us! Chuppacabra



Los Ahoyos Amigos

So a surprise which we did promised has become true. 
Today was released an official statement.
World known recording company Massacre Records (Germany) and Ereley has signed a contract. 
This is how the dreams came true.
The truth also is that we did loose almost 3 years regarding personal changes. We´ve almost lost our breath but kept running. 
Sometimes the way which leas to your dream is not quite pleasant. We hope that album will be released until summer.




Los Ahoyos Amigos
Someone could say there is not much happening but we´ve been pretty busy.

Our guitar players joined the family of ESH Amplifications once and maybe for all. 
Both guitarists use a flagship of ESH Amplifications, model RAPTOR III. 
We definitely suggest you to check the whole thing here: . 
But that´s not all. Both heads are operated via G-System from T.C.Electronics. Also pick-ups for guitars has been updated – Fishman Fluence Modern. 
We plan to shoot some video about all that technical stuff for those of you who are interested.

In „Photo“ section you will find out that for upcoming album Diablerie ERELEY has changed colours for some time at least.

You maybe have some questions like WTF with your new album?
Relax, album is done, we just wait for our new partner who is quite busy. 
And who it is? Wait for it. All will come in a right time. 
We work on a video for Enchantress which will be released slightly before whole album. 
And the last new thing is that band has been working on 2 new songs for a third album.

Stay tuned!



Hi everyone!

We have quite hard but also exciting weekend behind our backs. 
At Saturday we played for the very first time in our hometown Cheb together with Blackmailers (They celebrated 25 years!) and also with Titanic - heavy metal Brno (from all bands with which we played this band took our jaws on the floor - incredible musicians). 
Good beer, good sound, awesome audience, thank you all for this gig!

We went to sleep around 3 a.m. and next day woke up at 9 to begin with shooting second part of our upcoming video. 
We again worked with awesome-inspiring-multitalented muse Neira Lohikäärme and we really enjoyed whole action.

Now it´s time to finish some evil shit which is still hidden but as far as I can say - huge things are going to happen in upcoming weeks. 

Stay tuned!



With pleasure we can announce that dark days are behind us and a smile is again back on our faces.

There were a personal shifts in a band during last months. Bassist Rene left the band and also keyboardist Maya left the band.
We don´t want to explain their reasons but we had to respect their decesions and ways they deceided to go in their lifes.
We wish them both happy life.
After their leaving we were quite sad and especially LR was also little bit mad.
But there comes some light from the darkness…

We did finally find a drummer, his name is Martin Nečekal and it appears that he will give us needed live engine.
There is also a young man from Karlovy Vary who likes our music and if all will go smooth he will soon start with learning our songs 

That means that the last opened position in Ereley will be keyboards
(and we cannot forget about driver, guitar tech or nice sweet and young  90-60-90 blonde blue eyed secretery).

All these changes were the reason why we still didn´t release upcoming album Diablerie. Once everything will be settled up we will send it out to you guys. There will be also a new videoclip for this album as well a new merchendise so there are plenty things you can look forward to.

On 21.7. we are going to play a fest in Toužim and it will be on a palace.
We will play this show together with drummer Petr Hataš who recorded drums on Diablerie record.

On 16.8. we are going to play another festival – Rockfest Vintířov and this will be a first gig with our new drummer Marty.

Enjoy the summer!

Thank you all for support.

Stay with us smiling 




Ereley spent long time in recording studios working on new album „Diablerie“, but at the end we are satisfied. 
All instruments were recorded in our own studio „La Resistans“, vocals were recorded in Rullete Music in Cheb. Drums, mix and mastering took it´s part in Prague – Studio Hostivař with studio engineer Zdeněk Šikýř with who we worked also on our first album „Katharsis“. 
As a guest on drums we had Petr „Haty“ Hataš from Modern Day Babylon, he´s done an incredible job for us. 

Ereley now works on release jobs for album „Diablerie“ and we look forward for our live shows. 

You can listen to few new songs in video section.